Access To Innate®

To  address only one aspect of health means  to limit the possibility  of success.
Access To Innate® is a concept that addresses all aspects of the body.

The HUMAN BODY is made up of a variety of systems designed for a harmonious co-operation. The systems were designed perfectly and when they are working together perfectly the end result is health, aliveness, lots of energy and a rich experience of life.
Very often illness results  from a lack of harmony between the various systems in the body…

Access To Innate®

Access To Innate® is a system developed by Dr. Douglas Diehl D.C. that addresses all aspects of the body and its health. Humans Beings are a physical, mental/emotional and energetic/spiritual  body. ACCESS TO INNATE® is a concept about accessing the inborn innate intelligence of each individual. A non-intrusive approach of accessing the neurological memory of past emotional and physical trauma. It is designed to disconnect past traumas from the present sothey do not reactivate in the future. The name Access To Innate®  means that this method gives access to the body’s own innate intelligence with which every human being was born. It is a gentle method, and it has been proven as  useful in all age groups, from newborns to old age.

Where can this method help?

Access To Innate® can be very effective for all forms of physical and emotional complaints. It is helpful for positively assisting stress, fatigue and burn-out syndrome, and many other syndromes that have not responded to conventional treatment.
Access To Innate® is useful

  • if you miss your well-being and seek for your inner balance.
  • to drop your baggage from the past.
  • to identify the causes of your  complaints and problems.
  • if you need support to face major challenges.
  • to help you clarify career and life issues.
  • to empower you for coping with conflicts and crises.

By the way:
Access To Innate® can be combined with all other forms of therapy.

Some basics:

The BODY is made up of

1. The actual Physical Machine. The compilation of the parts, organs, muscles, bones, glands that carry out the different tasks of survival and reproduction.

2. The Mind. The mind is a compilation of secondary information that is taught to you by others. It’s other people’s illusions of reality that they get you to believe as your own. The Mind is an educated concept. It’s information that when put together becomes a story. Your story. The Mind is the story you go to life from, it dictates what you think how you act or don’t, it creates your beliefs. The mind wants to maintain the story and be right about the story (always).

3. The Electro-Magnetic Field. This is a field of electro-magnetic energy, a shell in which we exist. It is the matrix, blue print that keeps us whole. It comes into being at conception and holds the information that body grows into. You can damage the field and therefore damage the information.

With ACCESS TO INNATE® work  you can correct the damage.

Causes of dis-ease.

1.Cellular Toxicity, due to bad food intake, stress and excess exercise

2.Neurological overload due to physical trauma and stress. The nervous system can become overloaded and breaks down. It then sends information incoherently. The body ends up doing the right thing at the wrong time.

3. Stress. Conflict about the illusion of how you would like life to be and the reality of how it is. Negativity and negative thinking is the biggest killer today. People who live in a negative frame of mind keep their body in a constant state of defense. When you are in defense your body stops repairing itself. Your body breaks down and the aging process is accelerated. Stress is about what happened and hoping it won’t happen again or worrying about the future and the outcome.

Well Being

Being well is the capacity to stay present. When the Body is in the present time then it works in the here and now, not in the reactivated inappropriate past.  Access To Innate®  work brings the body into the present and vastly improves its physical and emotional capacity to adapt to changes, staying out of defense and therefore in a state of well being.

How do I approach your illness and/or symptoms  using the method Access To Innate®?

At first: You may feel terrible, but your body is doing the best it can under the circumstances that you provide for it.

If something isn’t done to update the current status of the threat, it may keep responding over and over until that particular system becomes exhausted. That’s when you have symptoms like pain or disease.

Access To Innate® updates physical and emotional memory.

By gently touching certain pressure points, in the proper sequence, and having you think about specific memory stress, we have found that your body begins to re-communicate with your brain. Of course, your brain controls all functions in your body. When they work together, body balance, restoration of health, and feeling good are welcome results.

That’s what you feel during your treatment:  I touch certain pressure points at your body in a gentle way that you don’t feel any pain.
Clinical experience has shown that by stimulating these specific pressure points as part of the Access To Innate® procedure, that your body can not only begin to feel better, but can actually begin to repair and rebuild. The rebuilding and repairing are the necessary steps to regaining good, pain-free health. By combining your improved choices in a few essential areas with this updated mind/body balance, a winning combination is certain to follow. By taking this approach, you are taking steps to learn to maintain this balance in the days, weeks, and months to follow.

With the Access To Innate® approach, it is believed that there are virtually no conditions that cannot show improvement in. By balancing your body with Access To Innate® we are attempting to do everything we can to allow your body to heal, to repair, to rebuild, and to again gain health.

Some final remarks:

The Body

Your body was created to survive and reproduce. The body is created to adapt to a change of environment in each moment.  Failure to adapt leads to symptoms and disease.
The body’s purpose is survival in each present moment. The body is not designed to be sick.
Access To Innate® is a system of health care, whose intention is to balance body, mind and spirit. When these  systems  get out of balance, deteriorating health conditions is the consequence.
What we eat,  drink, how we sleep and recover and what we breathe, think – all this affects the balance of our energy field and body systems.


Pain is the alarm system of the body and points out that something is wrong. Pain causes the body to initiate a healing process. Access To Innate®  update the physical and emotional memory.

We have found that by touching certain pressure points in the right order, and while we encourage them to think of a specific stress in your mind, as a result your body begins again to communicate with your brain. Of course, the brain controls all functions of your body. By working together, the welcome results are physical balance, restoring health and feeling well again.
Access To Innate®  is designed to update information that we deliberately and unconsciously have stored in the databases of our memory, and which have caused inappropriate reactions.