About Diana Schmedes

The Man is the Medicine for Man (African proverb)

Heilpraktikerin-LnB Painless Ausbilderin PraxisinhaberinAll my life I pondered the question of what is concealed behind the phenomena of the external world. E.g. shapes and colors that we choose are an expression of our inner processes and attitudes. I continue to explore the diverse relationships between the inside and outside worlds.

As a fundamental guideline of my life I prefer to explore the creative potential of my own, rather than to imitate ideas of others.

Most people are limited to adapted behaviors and fixed patterns, they have lost contact with their inner selves. The consequence is unkind treatment of themselves and their environment, resulting in stress, pain and dis-ease and outer conflict.

In my practice I use different forms of therapy such as Manual Therapy, ISBT Bowen®, MediTaping®, Chiropractic, Dorn Therapy, Access To Innate®, and Liebscher & Bracht Instant Pain Relief.

For the success of any healing session it is important that I am present and authentic, as a healer and as a human being. My inner attitude can create trust and allows me to get an intuitive understanding of the health situation, the problems and the healing necessities of my patients.

Living in harmony with myself physically and spiritual is essence to my work.

In my Health Clinics in Cologne Germany I focus on the manual treatment of pain. Included in this process is the study and optimizing the patient’s nutrition and metabolism.

Since 2009, I apply the manual Liebscher and Bracht „LnB Painless“ / „LnB Motion“ therapy for pain relief. I am one of very few trainers and examiners of this method. Plus I offer LnB Motion courses. LnB Motion method is a new form of movements helping to provide the body with the available and necessary genetic repertoire of movement to get improved flexibility.

I also work with the concepts of the technique Access To Innate®, which addresses the imbalances in the body, its Electro-Magnetic Field, the stress created by the educated mind and the conflicts in consciousness of the spirit. Access To Innate® is a gentle method that gives access to the body’s innate intelligence with which it is born.

Furthermore, I organize and direct workshops and seminars regarding „Painless & Healthy Living“.