LnB Motion

Free movement – Motion Point Cologne – LnB Motion Improved Flow of Movement for Health and Fitness

The LnB-movement research revolutionized the knowledge about human movement.

It has shown: The right Body-Movement Exercise properly can replace drugs, injections and surgeries. It can also protect organs from illness, and increase your energy up to a point you would never belief.

Roland Liebscher-Bracht, the German Pain Release Specialist (LnB), discovered that certain body movements and stretchings do relieve pain and enhance the general condition of the body.

Stressed tense muscles are responsible for most of today’s widespread pain, and it can be cured with a special anti muscle-stress exercises and stretching program – „LnB Motion“.

Why are people getting continuously sicker – especially suffering pain in their musculoskeletal system ?
It took mankind a few million years to stand upright and to move freely, and to develop the human body into its present state, which is a body for walking and climbing.

Shortened muscles in the body are due to the fact, we SIT about 23 hours (in chairs, cars, cinemas, restaurants, and even in our sleep with bent legs in a sitting-like sleeping position). (We don’t make use of or look for possibilities for movement and the few movements that we do are by far too inadequate.) Modern life has reduced our need for physical movement, and the little we do, is inadequate.

By losing their flexibility and length, the muscles, tendons and connective tissue develop and increases the bodies’ resistance to movements.

This „inner resistance“ causes arthritis in the joints, the intervertebral discs in the spine become paper-thin, tearing their walls, leading to slipped disc. More than 90% of today’s widespread pain have this one cause > lack of proper movement. This lack of proper movement reduces the blood circulation and drives the metabolism down to less than 1% of the possible. There is a lack of energy that biophysically should become generated by the muscle movements at the bones. Osteoporosis develops, the internal organs are working only partially, in the tissues there is oxygen deficiency. On more and more functional levels deficits come up and finally pathological states will develop.

What is it about?

There is a new movement theory that can almost perform miracles.
What is new about it?

LnB Motion was developed by Roland Liebscher Bracht (L) and (n) Dr. med Petra Bracht (B).

In difference to Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi and similar systems LnB Motion is consistently oriented at the central themes of the genetically defined motion. Human bodies have developed by the stimuli that have set the exact movements absolutely needed for survival. If we reduce these movements, normal body function is reduced. On the long term the body will become sick because the human metabolism is adapted to the „right“ movements.

What must I do to get my body to work best?
Since most people use their bodies’ movement potential only at about 15 % , expanding their movement structure is the most important measure.
With the experience with pain and health from the methods LnB Painless and LnB Health the LnB Motion method has been optimally tailored to the health requirements of modern people.

Lnb Motion consists of the following different modules:

  • The “ Bottleneck Stretching Exercises” maximize the mobility in the joints and of the spine
  • The „Mobility Strengthening“ stabilizes weak muscles and makes them flexible at the same time,
  • The „Move-Control Training“ restores lost feelings for movements as well as lost tactile perception
  • The „Movement Stretching“ uses sliding movements to restore the good and easy kinesthesia.

What is the Liebscher Bracht theory of motion?

Each movement, stretching, strengthening, improved muscle control, everything is based on the best teacher for movement – your own body!

The basics of the theory of motion according to Liebscher&Bracht is the information of the body itself, the knowledge of its construction and of its evolution.

If our body is supplied with the movements to which it is genetically adapted, it will re-start to work optimally at all functional levels. The body gets rid of accumulated toxins and activates its metabolic processes, and the “inner doctor” (self-healing) can take its leading position again. This prevents the muscular-skeleton system from developing pain, and successfully avoiding the recurrence of pain after finalizing the LnB Painless therapy.

New understanding of motion:

Our best possible health we only can achieve if our everyday movement stimuli match the movement-patterns to which man is genetically adapted.

Everybody who performs such movements regularly will be able to compensate the inflictions of our current way of life.