LnB Painless

Alternative Pain Therapy
LnB Painless

The new understanding of pain

Pain is the language of the body, it is the body’s warning to protect our musculoskeletal system, and it is helpful to avoid bigger damages to the body.
Nevertheless – you want to get rid of your pain, and we can help.

What are the reasons for the high efficiency of the LnB Painless therapy?

The approach is completely different than in traditional anti-pain methods, and it is extremely effective.
While traditional medicine treats pain as a damaging factor, LnB Painless sees the pain as the expression of the body, telling its owner about a threat or injury, if he fails to correct his musculoskeletal system.

We know that more than 90% of the pain that plague people is Alarm Pain, projected from the body like a feeling with the goal to stop harmful movements for saving the body from damages. Even if damage is already occurring, it is still an Alarm Pain which can be reduced in shortest time after the reason for the Alarm Pain is gone.
In about 10% of cases the lesions for which the pain was warning have commenced in a mild to severe form.
In many of these cases the lesion itself is not painful, for this reason the pain reduction can be 100% nevertheless.

The LnB Painless treatment uses three stages:

The first stage is the so-called Pain-Point Pressure, a specially developed acute-manual therapy. It allows the re-programming of the damaging program of the muscles within a very short time (about 30 minutes). Muscles get back their flexibility, the pain will be reduced by 70% or more or it disappears completely.

The second stage is a muscle restructuring program.
It consolidates the success of the muscle reprogramming by Pain-Point Pressure and installs the muscular-dynamic balance at the movement-bottlenecks . We teach our patients so called Bottleneck Stretching Exercises which also contain strengthening and move-controlling elements. Harmful muscle-programs and muscle-conditions will be replaced by healthy ones. The wear and tear will be stopped, and the alarm pain is no more necessary … so the body stops sending out these painful signals.

The third stage consists of a number of measures to save our body and its metabolism from harmful substances and to provide it with the necessary substances plus facilitate the metabolic transportation within the body and promote the elimination of harmful and unnecessary substances. This reduces the total body muscle tension (basic tone), which helps reduce the internal muscular resistance and thus supports the reduction of wear and pain.

The method LnB Painless has been successfully applied at:

headaches, head turning pain, migraine headaches, neck tension, torticollis, stiff-necked, trigeminus-neuralgia, teeth grinding, jaw pain, shoulder-arm syndrome, intercostal neuralgia, tennis elbow, golf elbow, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain in the fingers and thumb base joint, SMS-thumb, back pain upper, middle, lower levels, lumbar and sacral back pain, lumbago, sciatic pain syndrome, hip joint, knee pain, meniscus pain the inside and outside, popliteal pain, ankle pain, runners tibia, pain in the foot and toes, Achilles tendon inflammation / distortion, heel spurs

LnB Painless with its complementary modules LnB Motion and LnB Health is an integrated system that logically explains the occurrence of Alarm Pain. But more: it provides us with a highly effective pain-therapy which works without any drugs or surgery.